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We mix craftsmanship with technological innovation.

Tecnocut snc was founded in 1987 in Maniago as a manufacturer of sporting knives under the brand Viper. Tecnocut’s mission has always been to shape high quality products by combining technologically advanced manufacturing processes with crafting tradition and skills.
Following this philosophy, in 1992 the first series of Damascus steel blades were produced. Over the years, Tecnocut reached an artistic prestige in the industrial manufacturing of Damascus steel and wire Damascus. The offer was successively broadened with the introduction of new materials (high contrast, stainless and super stainless Damascus steels) and models (fixed blades especially).

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Viper Brand

Style and design

The modern market trends and the sectorial evolution of the product pushed Tecnocut to adapt and change by further differentiating its range and cooperating with new designers, with new series of high tech folding knives, which include liner lock, back lock and frame lock mechanisms, and using advanced materials such as sintering steels, carbon and titanium.
The example of such approach is the Magà, our first cooperation with Martial Arts expert Boris Manasherov and our first knife using ball bearings at the pivot, realized with our famous productive accuracy and material knowledge. The use of Bohler N690Co and M390 Microclean steels treated with cutting-edge hardening processes and modern finishes, such as PVD coating or bead blasting, set our tactical knives at the cutting edge and as first-class for their reliability.

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Viper Brand

Materials and models

Even though we commit ourselves to keep pace with the current trends, we do not intend to put aside and forget our origins: our range is still renowned for the extended use of rare and precious materials such as precious burl woods, exotic woods, stag and stag horn.

We shall not leave out our partnership with custom knife maker Fabrizio Silvestrelli, A.K.A. Silvester. The cooperation brought milestones of our company such as the gentlemen knives Timeless, Quality, Drop and Gent, specialist knives like the Boletus and Plus and tactical knives like the fate, Start, Italo Turn. We shall not leave out the “Regionali” series, a collection designed by Silvester that will eventually tally 18 models, each available on a 1000-knife run: Viper has skilfully revisited the traditional knives enhancing the safety thanks to the innovative “Action Stopper System”.
We also allow ourselves some incursions into the kitchen field for which we offer steak and table knife series as well as our well-known champagne sabrage sword Mathusalem. We cannot forget Sakura kitchen knives line that it won the Blade Show 2018 Kitchen Knives of the Year.

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Over the years Tecnocut has expanded the range of Viper knives made in Maniago by adding to its tradition of the elegant knife a variety of highly technological and innovative models, always in the name of highest efficiency and with a different but always inimitable and unmistakable style. Some examples of this continuous propensity for innovation and high quality are the models: Katla designed by Jesper Voxnaes, Turn designed by Fabrizio Silvestrelli, Storm designed by Rick Hinderer, Orso designed by Jens Anso, (liner lock, framelock and backlock folding knives ), Berus1 / Berus2 designed by Tommaso Rumici (fixed outdoor knife), famous designers all over the world

After 30 years, our mission is still to shape high quality knives for passionate people. Thus, we keep moving with our clients’ needs and wants.

In the last years, Tecnocut also diversified its activity by undertaking O.E.M. manufacturing, cooperating with many famous knife makers, designers and established brands. Our choice as O.E.M. manufacturers by some of the most relevant professionals in the knifemaking business is a testament to the quality of our products Made in Maniago. The experience gained with O.E.M. manufacturing is also useful in the development of Viper knives.

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